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Frequently Asked Questions about Strategic Asset Management.

How is Strategic Asset Management compensated?

Strategic Asset Management is a ‘fee-only’ advisor. This means all of its compensation on a client’s account is derived from fees the client pays directly to Strategic. Strategic does on rare occasion receive compensation from other parties in the process of managing clients’ accounts (soft dollars, 12b-1 fee refunds). Any compensation from other parties is refunded back to the client on an annual basis.

What is your fee structure?

Strategic’s fee structure is as follows:

first $100,000, 1.75% of assets 

next $900,000, 0.75%

above $1,000,000, 0.60%

The fee is on an annual rate and due at the beginning of the quarter for services to be rendered.

Are there any other fees involved and/or termination fees?

No, if a client wishes to end the relationship with Strategic a letter to that effect is all that is required. A pro-rata refund of the fees for that quarter will then be refunded.

Can I see your form ADV (as required by the SEC)?

Sure here it is: Sasm ADV

What is your privacy policy

Here it is: privacy.htm

Do you have any other questions? Contact us at the email or phone number below

Strategic Asset Management
voice: 253-927-0998

Strategic Asset Management is an investment advisory firm registered in Washington State.

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